About Us

Our Story

Our story begins so simple: two young friends, one in Berlin started sourcing equestrian products in Europe and the other one started marketing and selling in Middle East countries such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and so forth.

After two years, back in 2018 we found our own company in Dubai to source and sell products.

Why we chose Dubai? The answer is easy. It offers the best start-up environment in the region. So, we could grow our business and reach to our current position in the market.

We started only focusing on Equestrian but as of today we are official distributor of various brand in different sports such as outdoor sports, biking, equestrian and on and on.

Our Strategy:

We started with low quantity orders but agile supply chain and no inventory at all. Due to this fact we always offered the latest product of the year and new collections to the market. Our strategy was buying only products of the year and today we keep going with the same strategy in different sports.

Our Mission

Doing sports is necessary for all of us, so it is important have the right requirements with the reasonable prices. Therefore, we are Striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers and offering reasonable prices on the same time. We have to provide quality products & reliable services and sourcing from reputed manufacturers.

On the other side, we want to be the market leader in defend market segments and professional partner for the great brands to meet their requirements as well.

All in all, we must be the preferred supplier of our customers, and preferred disturber of the sport industry brands.