Our Brands

these are our partners

We offer high-quality sports gear from trusted brands in various sizes and styles. Our reliable and efficient service caters to both pro and recreational players.

Outdoor Buddy.

Deuter-1898: German company for eco-friendly outdoor gear, including backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and accessories. Sustainable production practices. Won 2016 “Gold Award” at OutDoor Industry Award. Trusted by outdoor enthusiasts for quality and functionality.

Enhance riding experience.

Tommy Equestrian has quality gear for horses and riders, including stylish apparel, efficient equipment, and durable accessories. They're renowned among both amateur and professional equestrians.

Maximize potential

Ziener is a sustainable German brand that offers high-quality outdoor and sports clothing with innovative materials and technologies.

Ride with Confidence

Horse Pilot offers high-quality technical clothing for equestrians. The range includes innovative fabrics, like Techline and Windless, for comfort and movement. The brand prioritizes sustainability by collaborating with top riders and using recycled polyester to improve the riding experience.

Innovative Equestrian Gear

Lami-Cell: a leading brand in horse riding equipment. With 25+ years of experience, they create innovative and reliable products for multiple disciplines. Their extensive line includes helmets, bridles, saddles, and more. Lami-Cell’s products prioritize safety, comfort, and style. Found in stores worldwide, they are trusted by riders at all levels.

Ride in Style and Comfort

Passier sells high-quality equestrian products, including saddles and accessories. Established in 1867, Passier uses traditional techniques and modern technology to cater to all skill levels. Popular among riders worldwide, Passier offers exceptional service and dedication to horse well-being.

Athletic gear

Flex-On sells innovative and customizable equestrian equipment such as flexible stirrups with optimal shock absorption and unparalleled grip. They also offer girths, boots, and saddle pads that prioritize comfort and quality. Flex-On has won awards for their innovative design and continues to develop new products to enhance rider performance.

Rider with excellence.

Euro-Star offers high-quality, fashion-forward riding gear with innovative designs. Their range includes jackets, tops, breeches, gloves, and more, all of which are comfortable, moisture-wicking, and durable. Suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts, Euro-Star is the go-to brand for elegant and efficient riding gear.

Ultimate Protection.

Eskagloves sells durable and protective gloves for many industries. Their reputation comes from producing innovative and comfortable gloves, with a focus on quality. With over twenty years of experience, Eskagloves is a trusted global brand.

Quality Animal Care Lover

Kerbl is a German company founded in 1962, offering high-quality agricultural, pet, and equine products worldwide. Their extensive range includes stable equipment, fencing, feed, supplements, accessories, and specialized farm tools, with a focus on safety and practicality. Kerbl is trusted by veterinarians, breeders, and farmers worldwide.